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How to mark a partition INACTIVE in Windows 7

When you install Windows 7 SP 1 on a dual-boot system you may receive Error: 0x800F0A12

This error means that the update can not find the 'active' or system partition where the boot files are stored. This partition is to required to start Windows, so it exists, the system just doesn't know which one it is. explains how to set the partition as active, but what if you have more then one partition flagged? Microsoft says that only one partition per drive can be flagged 'active, so what happens if you flag more then one by mistake? Windows Update has no idea which one is correct.

Here are the steps needed to 'unmark' a partition as active:

Open up a command prompt and type DISKPART.Type LIST DISKType SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the old Win98 drive)Type LIST PARTITIONType SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the active partition you wish to make inactive)Type INACTIVEType EXIT t…

Reinstalling libgcc on openwrt

So it appears that the developers of openwrt won't mark libgcc as a dependancy of opkg.

That means you can remove it...and then be able to do nothing

Thank to, here are the instructions to get libgcc back.

Login to your router with sshEnter the following commands:
cd /tmp wget tar xzf libgcc_3.4.6-14.1_mipsel.ipk tar xzf data.tar.gz ln -s /tmp/lib/ /lib/ opkg install libgcc
Be happy!

Suggested change to log in process

While looking though my Spam folder today, the thought occurred that Blizzard has one aspect to the authenticator system that makes it easy to launch a systematic spear phishing campaign against World of Warcraft users.

When you try to log in to or to World of Warcraft the system preforms the following steps:

Enter email address and password
Ask server if the account with that email has an authenticator
Prompt for authenticator
Check both password and authenticator number
Log in

The system will prompt you for the authenticator code even if the password is incorrect before it checks it.

The issue with is, given a list of email addresses, a phishing group could attempt to log in to them. If prompts for an authenticator, they know the account has one attached. Since the farmers have the resources for a wide-spread account takeover operation, it would then be a simple matter to prompt their phishing site to ask for the authenticator code if needed. Since Blizz…

How to add PPA software sources in Ubuntu 10.04 'Natty'

When adding PPA sources to Ubuntu it's no longer enough to just add the source in update-manager or package manager, because the GPG key does not get loaded. Instead, open a terminal window and enter the following:

sudo add-apt-repository
If that fails to load the GPG key, follow these additional steps:

On the PPA Web Page, there’s a heading called ‘Technical Details for this PPA’, click it to expand it, under ‘Signing Key’ there’s a hyper-linked key, click the link, and then the link on the next page, and you reach a page showing the GPG key for the PPA. Save the text from -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- to -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
in a text file.

In Ubuntu go to System|Administration|Update Manager|Settings|Authentication|Import Key File… and choose the text file you just created. Then press the Close button, then the Check button, and now Install Updates should now work without problems

Thank you very much to…